JT SOLUTION  is a very well known and reputable  company located in Johannesburg Registered in South Africa.

Our Services ?


As a dedicated business in Johannesburg with a sharper focus on our customers’ unique needs, we aim to deliver exemplary quality and enhance working environments. We all want to work somewhere which is clean and tidy, where we feel safe and well looked after.

Getting the balance between safety, level of risk and cleaning frequencies is important. Finding the best way to clean efficiently and with minimal damage to the environment is also vital. Our work is underpinned by extensive networks of industry experts and resources. Our breadth of experience enables us to build explicable systems and processes, delivering efficiency and value to our customers. We provide a fexible labour force and local experience.

We are the best value adding cleaning company for Homes services. We are committed to making every client’s workplace a cleaner and safer environment. We have been delivering the highest quality once cleaning services for over 5 years now and can provide references of many satisfied customers to prove it. 

We provide innovative once cleaning services that address both environmental and health concerns. We are moving away from cleaners containing toxins or chemicals that may cause harm to your health and the
environment and towards what is commonly called “green cleaning.” This is what we mean when we say we are committed to a cleaner, greener and safer workplace.

Eco-Friendly Solutions

At JT Solution, No cleaning job is too big or too small for us to handle. We use state of the art equipment and top-of-the-line cleaning products to tackle all commercial cleaning jobs. Talk to us about our contractual carpet cleaning services where we will clean your carpets or once furniture on an annual, semi-annual, quarterly, or even monthly basis. Some restaurants and other commercial properties can even require weekly carpet cleaning.

house hold professional cleaning services
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house hold professional cleaning services
house hold professional cleaning services
house hold professional cleaning services

So Why Use JT Services?


• We are a team of highly capable and qualified.
• We do it all in-house – no more hustles with multiple service providers.
• We take pride in what we do and passionate at the same time.

More reasons to choose JT Solution Cleaning Services include:

• We use a thorough screening process for all of our employees.
• We use high-level training programs for all of our professional house cleaners.
• We have excellent customer reviews.
• We are bonded and insured.

What’s more, it will be guarded against all those infestations and infections as we:

Dust and wipe clean all shower rods, shower heads, sinks, commodes (clean underside of seats), towel bars, tissue holders etc.

Dust and wipe clean all vanity cabinets from outside

Dust and clean all window glass, window sills and wall ornaments.
Clean all mirrors, glasses and exhaust fan.

Mechanized floor cleaning.

Cleaning of all light switches and electric plates.

Disinfection of Washroom.

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