Fumigation Alberton

Fumigation Alberton

Methyl Bromide gas used for anything from Timber Fumigation Alberton to quarantine.


Fumigation in Alberton is largely a misconceived service throughout the Pest Control industry. Many people call up and ask for a fumigation Alberton for Mice or those pesky Ants excavating your paving stones. Truth is JT Solution Pest Control has an evolved method of control for any and all public health pests as well as casual intruder pests. Rather than Fumigate everything as they have done in the good old days we methodically and safely treat infestations. Unlike treatments for soil or household barrier treatments. Fumigation Alberton leaves no residual or smell if done correctly by professionals. No staining and no sign that the chemical was present.

What is a Fumigation Alberton?

Well, to start off Fumigations are specialist deep penetrating gas treatment mostly used for Stored Product Insects, Timber Destroying Organisms, and even Textile Destroying Insects.

In the Professional field of Pest Control, the most common gasses used to Fumigate are Methyl Bromide or Aluminum Phosphate. The mentioned treatments are specialists and must only be taken on by trained professionals. These gasses are deadly in the wrong hands and fatalities can occur if even the slightest slip up occurs.

Methyl Bromide gas: This gas is commonly used for Wood Borer, its deep penetrating properties can penetrate the wood and kill of active beetle larvae. This can also be used to sterilize wood, fresh produce of seed pods for consumption or export. Methyl Bromide gas is colorless and is mostly odorless in low concentrations. This is the only Fumigation Alberton method recognized by law to clear wood from an infestation for clearance.

Aluminum Phosphate gas: This gas is commonly used for Stored product fumigation Alberton for Weevils or Granary Mites. The slow easy to use and accessibility of this product makes it ideal for small or large scale fumigation Johannesburg. Aluminum Phosphate gas is mainly used for animal feed or dry fruit and nuts. It kills bacteria and microorganisms but does not render the seeds sterile like Methyl Bromide. This gas does not penetrate as deeply as Methyl Bromide and has a pungent chemical garlic smell.

JT solution does Fumigations professionally.

If you reside in or around the Greater Johannesburg area please do not hesitate to give us a call. Any Pests in any situation. No job is too big or too small for us to undertake. Rodent Control, Insect Control, Soil Poisoning, and any Fumigation Alberton needs that might arise.

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