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There are two main termite treatments which can be applied, those being liquid and bait for pest control services in johannesburg south. The liquid form of termite control involves laying down a large quantity of liquid chemicals, which will prevent termites from entering the property, and not allow termites which are already in the property back out, meaning that they will die.

The bait form of termite control involves putting termite food out, usually underground. This usually means paper or cardboard, soaked with a substance which will kill termites but is slow acting. This gives time for a lot of termites to find it, and to carry it back to the nest. With any luck, a piece will make its way to the Queen and the colony will be effectively killed.

Termites control specialists and fumigation in Randburg are always working, 24 hours a day, never taking a break or sleepingAlthough everyone knows about the damage termites can do, not everyone knows what they look like. It helps to know that another name for them is the “White Ant,” although they are not actually a member of the ant family. In fact, strictly speaking, they are more like cockroaches. But they look a lot like ants, and they are white. So if you spot any white ants in or around your property, be sure to contact a pest control company straight away. termite damage

They are also similar to ants in that they live in colonies, as already mentioned, and they have a Queen which does all the breeding with a King. Their rate of reproduction is quite astounding, with a Queen able to lay as many as 2,000 eggs in a single day. Knowing this, and how to find the nest in which the King and Queen live, is the most important part of termite control.

Fumigation Services in Randburg

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