Pest Control in Cape Town

Are you looking for Pest Control in Cape Town?

Creepy and crawly house guests can be more than just annoying. Pests and termites can pose a real and serious threat to your home and family.

  • Pests can leave painful and harmful bites on humans and pets
  • Pests can carry diseases and viruses into your home
  • Pests can contaminate and eat household food and spread germs
  • Pests can damage your home and ruin plants and flowers

Extermination & Control of Cockroaches

Cockroaches have been long despised by homeowners due to their creepy appearance. Cockroach pest control and management are important for health and safety reasons, because cockroaches are known to cause allergic reactions and trigger asthma attacks, especially in children. They also spread nearly 33 kinds of bacteria including E. coli and Salmonella. Visit one of our pest guides below to see the most common types of cockroaches found in Cape Town, as well as find information on cockroach prevention and extermination. GEL BAIT TREATMENT FOR COCKROACHES

We use a revolutionary Gel bait product that is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and odourless. Designed to eliminate small and medium sized Germanica cockroaches inside your premises. This Gel application will take some time to take full effect as it works as a bait. The cockroaches are attracted to the gel as a food source and are poisoned after eating even a tiny amount. The Gel has a secondary poisoning effect and cockroaches are cannibalistic. So the live cockroaches will eat the dead cockroaches and also be poisoned. The Gel remains effective for long after the treatment date. Cockroaches breed every 28 days, so juveniles that hatch after our treatment will also be eradicated.
The cockroach gel service is odourless and safe to apply around people. No interruption to staff or home during our cockroach treatment. Environmentally friendly cockroach control services.


We’ll lift and spray any accessible manhole cover drains with a residual insecticidal roach spray as a knockdown for the large Americana cockroaches that live in the drains, if applicable.
The maximum benefit of our cockroach control systems will be obtained if basic hygiene standards are achieved and the premises are kept thoroughly clean at all times.


Should you have a sub-floor or crawlspace underneath your premises, or a warehouse or archives where the cockroaches are breeding, we can use a thermal fogger to pump a thick white smoke-like chemical into the area. It dissipates into every crack and crevice and is a most effective knockdown in an area of this nature. We can also use our special canister foggers which achieve the same knockdown effect in ceilings, small rooms, etc. There’s a limited residual value to fogging but it is a very effective cockroach control services method.

Most Trusted Pest Exterminator in Cape town

The job of a Pest Exterminator Cape Town is a tough daunting task for most. JT Solution Pest Control has a team of specialized Pest Controllers to ensure all tasks are carried out in a safe effective way. Luckily for you, you’ve come to the right place, the Professional Pest Exterminator Cape Town cover any and all public health related pests.

Standard practices for the Pest Exterminator Cape Town team of experts.

Rodents such as Rats and Mice are a standard practice here at JT Solution Pest Control. Our teams have a wealth of technical knowledge that allows them to identify the species of Rodent. We identify the potential cause and source of the infestation along with any factors that play a role in the possible re-infestation. We recommend the correct action regarding the Rodent infestation to ensure long term results. Finally we treat the Problem at the source, this lowers the risk of cross contamination and ensures

Insects such as Ants, Cockroaches, Fleas, Flies and Bed Bugs are also taken care of in a unique unprecedented way. Our skilled teams use a specialist approach to tackle any and all Insect Activity. Rather than using harmful chemicals such as those many of our competitors use, we use a  more controlled means. By utilizing Gells, Baits and Traps we Exterminate a targeted species of Pest. This ensures no targeted Pests Such as Spiders and Bees are not affected negatively. If the necessity for a broad spectrum chemical is there, we will apply the least toxic safer option first. This is usually decided by assessing the casual non public health related Pests found.

The Pest Exterminator Cape Town team of Master Exterminators use a safer more effective control method.

As briefly described above, the JT Solution Pest Control team of Pest Exterminator Cape Town  are specialists. We expect nothing less from this master Pest Control service. All the services carried out are precise Pest Controlling methods that are tailored to each clients requirements.

No matter the Pest you are faced with we will find a solution. By using the latest in chemical technology, we use pheromones and food attractant baits to entice the Target species of Insect or Rodent. By doing this we can keep non target animals safe thus minimizing the negative impact on our Environment.

Tamper resistant and species specific Bait stations are also applied as required, this keeps baits fresh and dry and stops non-target species from gaining ingress. The Pest Exterminator Milnerton team of Pest Controllers are vigilant and always use the least toxic, effective control Method First. All work is guaranteed and fully comprehensive. We have a full disclosure treatment report that we provide to clients after each and every extermination.

We are most trusted Pest Exterminator in Cape Town

If you reside in Cape Town or the Greater Cape Town area and need a pest control in muizenburg. Please do not hesitate to give us a call, our staff are qualified and friendly. We are always willing to give free no obligation quotations and even general Pest advice with industry hints and tips.

Our Pest Control Services in Cape Town

Pest Control Johannesburg is an important service for businesses and households alike. This professional service can stop the spread of diseases, pathogens and damage caused by Pest insects and Rodents alike. Pest Control Simon’s Town is our name and supplying a safer and environment friendly Pest Management service is our game.

Brown Rats chew through electrical wiring in your roof while Cockroaches spread salmonella and E-Coli through your food cupboards. This can be stopped! Pest Control Fish Hoek are a group of exterminators local Cape Town with tailored solutions to pretty much any pest related problem you may be facing. Pest Control Sea Point provides a bespoke service used for the complete elimination or management of Insects, Termites and even Rodents. By applying a species specific control method rather that broad spectrum sprays we can target your problem where it hurts most. This without worrying about non target exposure, harming your loved ones and any negative impact pesticides may have on the environment.

Eco-friendly Pest Control Service in Cape Town and surrounding areas.

Safer and odorless pesticides mean fewer exclusion hours.

Unlike many of our other competitors, our pest control  services in Meadowridge provide a truly eco-friendly pest management solution under budget. Rather than just treating a problem we look at the source and find the exact factor that influence pest infestation. We then remove the source and lay down species specific control methods. This provides unequaled and long lasting results with guarantee.

In the instance of Rodents Pest Control in Cape Town we will take the following factors in account:

  • Ingress points : are important in preventing access to high risk areas such as food storage cupboards or linen cupboards. By fitting brush strips or kick boards and other small proofing practices we can help prevent access to sensitive areas.
  • Harborage and Hiding spots : also play an important role in providing a safe and uninterrupted home for all manor of unwanted Rats and Mice. A potential remedy for this could be as simple as tidying a store room or trimming a bush or hedge.
  • Food and Water : are the heart and sole for any infestation. If we can determine where the Rodents get their sustenance from, we can limit or remove it completely. This makes living conditions in the areas less favorable often causing your pest to leave and migrate to areas that are more suitable. Worst case scenario will be Rats and Mice populations will be hated due to the lack of food and water in the area.
  • A low risk and Eco-Friendly treatment is then applied : This can consist of targeted baits, traps and other means registered for the use of Rodent Control here in Cape town.

A similar approach is adopted for all type of pest control services:

Insect Pest Control Parklands can be slightly more challenging. Targeted treatments are used as opposed to smelly and dangerous sprays. Before any treatment is applied here in cape Town, a full site survey is conducted. This will determine the key factors that dictate the treatment method used for the effective control of Insects such as Ants, Termites and even Cockroaches here in Cape Town.

  • Hygiene and housekeeping practices are inspected. This could be anything from checking your bin are fitted with lids to refuse removal and management for food safety and storage. The standard of your living or working conditions play a huge role in the success and treatment method of any Pest Management program here in Cape Town.
  • Proofing and maintenance issues provide food and harbourage for unwanted insects such as Roaches and Ants. Making sure your equipment or white goods are clean and tidy can help prevent an infestation in the first place. Cracked tiles and unused or broken equipment can provide unnecessary clutter and harbourage making treatments tougher and less effective.

In any situation its always recommended to take a holistic approach to Pest Control Table View. Without this mindset, harmful and less favorable techniques will have to be used. These could harm the environment and prove less effective than a target approach.

How much does it cost for Pest Control Cape Town?

This may seem like a simple question right? Wrong, the answer can be a rather complex one. The price for Pest Control in Milnerton largely depends on the species of pest that needs dealing with. The extent of the infestation and the size of the property in question.

Generally speaking a Pest Control Cape Town call out starts at R350. 00. This is for a basic inspection and proposal of a solution. Most quotations are however free of charge and can be given over the phone.

The Cost of Pest Control in a domestic environment starts at R650 for a smaller apartment with an Ant problem, with prices escalating. The price of contract Pest Management in a restaurant of take away establishment  starts at R785. 00pm with prices largely depending of hygiene and prevailing infestation. Fumigation’s for Termites are charged per Square meter while wood Borer Beetle is charged per Cubic meter.

For a full comprehensive pricing and guarantee sheet its best to give us a call here. Alternatively you can use the form and we will give you a call as soon as a sales person becomes available.

24 Hour Emergency Pest Control service in Cape Town

Here at Pest Control Sea Point we have a wide array of services to choose from. We understand the 9am – 5pm hustle and have created a service around that. We are proud to be a true to words 24 Hour Emergency Pest Control Service in cape Town.

Although our office hours are 9am -5pm, we have staff ready and willing to answer call and take bookings 24 hours a day. Weather you have a question related to a pst you have found or need an emergency call out. Feel free to give us a call. You can rest assured a seasoned professionals will be patient and supportive of your fear or problem while providing you with a solution.

Which Pest Control to call in Cape Town?

Pest such as Fleas and Flies are here to stay. All we can do as professionals is to study their nature and biology. This enables us to create solutions rather than short term fixes. Pest Control should be referred to as Pest and Vector management. As a management program is all we can do do prevent an all out epidemic here in Cape Town.

Here are some of the reasons, services and treatments handled by us:

  • We stop the spread of potentially deadly diseases: Rats carry Leptospirosis while Roaches carry e-coli. By effectively managing a Pest Infestation you can prevent lawsuits in your restaurant or at least prevent your loved ones from falling ill.
  • Pest Control Services can protect your investments: Rodents such as Rats do not only spread disease they cause extensive damage to stored goods and even cause fires. Roof Rats constantly gnaw at electrical cables in your ceiling or vehicle. This can be dangerous and even be a fire hazard.
  • Keep your pets happy and healthy: Your extended furry family may be under an awful amount of stress given a Flea or Tick infestation. Biting insects can effect people from different fields of life. A preventative treatment can protect your pets and keep unwanted creepy crawlies away throughout the peak months.
  • Provide a safe playing environment for your children: There are all sorts of creepy crawlies in your garden. Wasps prowl grass looking for food while Centipedes live in piles of wood and wait for night fall to hunt. Spiders are things of nightmares and fear while Scorpions are just there to eat a Millipede or 3 while none watches. Having a preventative Pest Control treatment applied to your home can prevent these unwanted bugs from entering your home and even make your garden safer.

Call our experts for a free quotation.

Here at JT Solutions we are used to anything and everything related to Pests. If something is bothering you, just give us a call and we will gladly assist you. We have a team of seasoned staff that are ready and willing to provide you with an unrivaled Pest Control solution.

Don’t live with Insects or Rodents for a second longer than you have to, call your local professionals right away!

The scampering in your roof could be the sign of a Mouse Infestation. Call us and put a stop to it before it gets out of hand!

Our Fumigation Services in Cape Town

Methyl Bromide gas used for anything from Timber Fumigation in Muizenburg to quarantine.

Fumigation in Sea Point is largely a misconceived service throughout the Pest Control industry. Many people call up and ask for a fumigation in Kraaifontein for Mice or those pesky Ants excavating your paving stones. Truth is JT Solution Pest Control has an evolved method to control any type of harmful pests as well as casual intruders. Rather that Fumigate everything like they done in the good old days we methodically and safely treat infestation. Unlike treatments for soil or household barrier treatments. Fumigation in Table View leaves no residual or smell if done correctly by professionals. No staining and no sign that the chemical was present.

Where to find Fumigation in Cape Town?

Well to start off Fumigations are specialist deep penetrating gas treatment mostly used for Stored Product Insects, Timber Destroying Organisms and even Textile Destroying Insects.
In the Professional field of Pest Control the most Common gasses used to Fumigate are Methyl Bromide or Aluminum Phosphate. The mentioned treatments are specialist and must only be taken on by trained professionals. These gasses are deadly in the wrong hands and fatalities can occur if even the slightest slip up occurs.

Methyl Bromide gas: This gas is commonly used for Wood Borer, its deep penetrating properties can penetrate wood and kill of active beetle larvae. This can also be used to sterilize wood, fresh produce of seed pods for consumption or export. Methyl Bromide gas is colorless and is mostly odorless in low concentrations. This is the only Fumigation in Rosebank Cape town method recognized by law to clear wood from a infestation for clearance.

Aluminum Phosphate gas: This gas in commonly used for Stored product fumigation in Cape Town for Weevils or Granary Mites. The slow easy to use and accessibility of this product makes it ideal for small or large scale fumigation Johannesburg. Aluminum Phosphate gas is mainly used for animal feed or dry fruit and nuts. It kills bacteria and micro organisms but does not render the seeds sterile like Methyl Bromide. This gas does not penetrate as deeply as Methyl Bromide and has a pungent chemical garlic smell.

How our services are different?

If you reside in or around the Greater Cape Town area please do not hesitate to give us a call. For any type of pests in any situations. No job is too big or too small for us to undertake. Rodent Control, Insect Control, Soil Poisoning and any Fumigation Cape Town needs that might arise.

Soil Poisoning

Soil Poising falls right up there with Some Fumigations and services such as Termite Control and Termite Pre-Treatments. Soil Poisoning is necessary for protecting your soil for wood destroying organisms such as Termites, Ants and many other soil dwelling Organisms. Weather they destroy your wood or not, a good Soil Poisoning treatment should kill all Arthropod pests that live in your soil.

Pest Control Cape Town has a team of skilled staff that we utilize for our Soil Poisoning. This team is trained and experienced to detail termite infestations. This determines the level of infestation, the possible cause of the infestation and the rate at with it will become uncontrollable. This is handy if you want guaranteed and safe termite free premises.

Soil Poisoning by Professional Exterminators.

Soil Poisoning may me a nightmare to the untrained and inexperienced companies. JT Solution Pest Control is geared for only the best results. There are many insects that live in soil or ground that may become a nuisance. Not all of these insects may be as necessary to control as termites but a Termite Pre-Treatment could save you quite a lot of expense.

Ants for instance, they more of a nuisance that you may think. They push up dirt from between cracks in tiles or skirting. Although they do little to no structural damage to timber you may benefit from a Soil-Poisoning treatment. They come with long term guarantees and will keep all sorts of Insect pests out.

What is soil Poisoning?

Soil poisoning is a complex process where trenches are strategically dug, holes are drilled and the top soil is saturated with a registered Termiticide. Some companies cut corners by over diluting chemicals, applying an insufficient amount of chemical or simply not doing as they promised. This leads to an entire host of problems. Money could be wasted, waterways may be polluted by incorrect usage of chemicals. Long term under exposure could even cause chemical tolerance in termites.

Pest Control Parklands understand the risk involved in Soil Poisoning and take great care with all our Pest related Exterminations. If you suspect you have termites in your home or garden please do not hesitate to call us. We provide free no obligation quotations for all Pest and Termite related services. Rodent Control, Insects Control and even Termite Control such as Soil Poisoning and Termite Pre-Treatments. No job is too Big or too small for us to undertake.


Cockroach Control in Cape town

Cockroach Control Cape town may be a nightmare to some but for JT Solution Pest Control its a breeze. The occasional roach hiding in the corner of your kitchen? What about that nasty black cockroach, sneaking its head through the crack in your wooden floor waiting for your lights to go off to emerge. Lucky enough for you, JT Solution Pest Control has the answer and wants to help.

Cockroaches are nasty Pests, the spread diseases and bacteria such as Salmonella and E coli. That single cockroach you saw walking over your work surface… He probably has a few friends hiding in dark places. Cockroaches are social insects and congregate in dark places that are generally overlooked by the lay man. Where there is one, there are generally more hiding nearby.

Even a clean looking kitchen may need Cockroach Control

Its a common misconception that people think Cockroach Control Goodwood Cape Town is only needed if you live in dirty unsanitary conditions. This is far from the truth, with many years of Pest Control experience. We have encountered many infestations in places with less than favorable conditions. Cockroaches are survivors. Roaches could gain ingress to your home in a variety of difference ways.

  • Have a broken microwave or TV? In many instances white goods sent in for repair pick up all sorts of pest insects. Different items from different places are all repaired in the same center making it an ideal place for roaches to thrive.
  • Fresh produce or package items are often stored in cockroach infected premises, needing Cockroach Control Sea point. Boxing material or the perfect ambient temperature and humidity created by fresh produce poses as perfect harbourage.
  • Live in a block of flats? No matter how sanitary you think your neighbors are the chances are at least one of them have a raging cockroach infestation desperately needing Cockroach Control Milnerton. In this case a premises could become over run causing the infestation to spread. One kitchen may not have enough harbourage and food stuffs to sustain a high level infestation.

Diseases carried and spread by Cockroaches

The number 1 reason for the use of Cockroach Control treatment is to stop the spread of diseases in your home. An out of control cockroach infestation can contaminate food poisoning animals and your loved ones. Below will be a short list of the most common diseases and pathogens spread by Cockroaches in Cape Town.

  • Diarrhea– Because these nasty vectors spread germs. They spread bacteria from their last savory meal to the next. This could be that left over mac and cheese from last night to stored products in your cupboard. Diarrhea is a common side effect caused by unsavory bacteria spread from one bad meal to another.
  • Cholera– Cholera is a highly contagious form of Diarrhea. Dehydration and even potential death if left untreated. Cholera and other diseases on this list are mainly spread by cockroaches that have come in contact with a contaminated source and spread to your home. In the case of Cholera, American Cockroaches are attracted out of their homes in sewers at night after being attracted to the lights in your house. If the American Cockroaches was in contact with the Cholera Bacteria in sewer water and again with your stored products. The bacteria will thrive and potentially infect your loved ones.
  • Typhoid fever– Typhoid fever is commonly reported here in Johannesburg. This disease is commonly spread by cockroaches that have been in contact with the Bacteria on fecal matter. Also referred to as food poisoning or Salmonella poisoning. The Typhoid fever bacteria is just a slightly different strain of the same bacteria. Salmonella is mainly present in restaurants that have poor hygiene practices and out of control Cockroach Infestations.

Cockroaches are a major cause of illness and disease. The list above is but a small snippet as to what these pests are responsible for. The Cockroach Control Somerset west Experts can identify the species and cause. This helps us eliminate even the most nasty infestations. It also gives us an insight as to where and what the initial cause of the infestation was. If at all possible, our staff with try minimize or completely eliminate the cause by making recommendations to remedy the reason for the Cockroach Infestation.

This is what sets Cockroach Control Bishopscourt aside from our competitors. Rather that just generically treat an infestation we have trained our staff in integrated Pest Management. This is where rather that just treat an Infestation, we understand it. We identify the cause, the reason it thrives. If we know the biology and the species of Cockroach and the cause we can combine our treatment with recommendations for long term Cockroach Control here in Mowbray. Cockroaches are not your average Crawling Insects and we do not treat them in an average way.

Common species of Cockroaches specialized

German Cockroach Control Cape Town

German Cockroach – Blattella germanica

  • The German Cockroach is the most nasty and challenging cockroaches found here. German Cockroaches are also the most common roach species found in homes in Rondebosh and surrounding areas. These Insects are omnivorous feeders that prefer fatty proteins. Especially those found on the sides of ovens or stoves.
  • German Cockroaches thrive in conditions that are warm and high in humidity making them a common kitchen culprit. These roaches frequent refrigeration motors and cupboards under your kitchen sink.
    Adult German Roaches are about 1.6 cm long and are brown in color with a streak running from the tip of his head to its wings. They are flightless although they do have wings.

American Cockroach Control Cape Town

American Cockroach – Periplaneta americana

  • The American Cockroach is the larger counterpart of the German Cockroach. The American Cockroach frequent drains and humid basements, often needing a quick Cockroach Control Plumstead treatment. They are often found under wooden floors and can even gain access to your home at night as they are attracted to the light. These cockroaches are also omnivorous feeders but feed mostly off human waste. This makes they very unpleasant to have around your home.
  • The American Cockroach adult is approximately 4cm long and are reddish brown in color. These bugs have a yellowish margin behind their head. The nymphs of American Cockroaches look similar to the adults but don’t have wings.

Oriental Cockroach Control Claremont Cape Twon

Oriental Cockroach – Blatta orientalis

  • Oriental Cockroaches are quite possibly the most rare Pest Cockroach species found here in Cape Town. Much similar to the American Cockroach, Oriental Cockroaches also frequent warm humid places such as sewer systems , basements and other areas of unsavory origin.
  • Oriental Cockroach adults are approximately 18mm – 29mmin length with females being slightly smaller than males. Oriental Cockroaches given half a chance with Infest and breed rapidly. They are one of the worst disease spreading Cockroaches here in Cape Town.

How can you get Cockroach Control in Cape Town?

If your live in Cape Town and suspect you have Cockroaches in your home. Give JT Solution a call and get rid of your infestation. Our trained staff have a wealth of Pest related knowledge and are willing to help. Call us for free Crawling Insect Control including Fish Moth Control, Centipede Control and Cockroach Control Cape Town quotes. Even just general hints and tips for a proactive Pest Control approach, cockroaches, fleas flies and many more insects don’t stand a chance.

Rat Control in Cape Town

Rat Control Johannesburg is a specialist service by which exterminators find the source of a Rat infestation. JT Solution Pest Control identifies the species of Rat and treat them accordingly. By using Traps, Baits and Dusts we can successfully track and trace Rat Infestations. This identifies their food source, harbourage and trails they follow. This intern helps us make each and every Rat Control Cape Town treatment guaranteed and successful.

Rats pose a real threat within greater Cape Town. Rodents such as Rats and Mice carry disease, cause extensive damage to motor vehicles, stored products or in some cases even gardens and landscaping. Rat Control Delft Cape Town is a necessity as Rats aren’t just a pest Rodent but they are creatures of nightmares for some and pets to others. These night time critters are highly intelligent and may live in large numbers, they spread disease and cause all out havoc.

Rats dominate the streets of busy cities at night and Rat Control Cape Town is imperative.

Due to the nature of rats they have the ability to adapt and survive. Rodents such as these scavenge and eat what they can. Crawling Insects, carrion as well as rotten fruit is fair game to a hungry Rat.  They rip apart bin bags and can even chew a hole clean through a wheelie bin to gain access. Areas that do not focus on Rat Control Hanover Park are frequently targeted.

Modern day living and the constant growth of cities create a perfect environment for these pest Rodents to thrive. Poor house cleaning and refuse storage techniques produce ideal living conditions. Higher population in cities means more refuse. Refuse can create harbourage and a food source. In many cases an ongoing food source that allows all manor or pests to thrive hence the need for focused Rat Control Newlands Cape Town.

Many restaurants within Cape Town city and surrounding areas have an active Rat infestation. Imagine all the places Rats go on a regular bases. Sewers and drains, garbage heaps or in carcasses of diseased animals. The germs picked up along the way are then spread across all the surfaces that they walk on. Some of the surfaces include the tables and chairs of restaurants, toilets, food preparation surfaces, This could all be avoided with professional Rat Control Tokai. All because many Pest Control companies couldn’t be asked to do their job correctly and provide a decent ongoing Rat Control Pinelands treatment.

JT Solution Pest Control have tailored a Rat Control Cape Town treatment to suite any situation.

Here at JT Solution Pest Control our staff are friendly and trained. They can handle even the most grizzly Rat Control Epping  and Mouse Control problems. Our Pest Control technicians double as special Pest Investigators. We identify, the type if infestation. The level of infestation and furthermore the cause of infestation. We then treat any problems with the least toxic option and set recommendations to ensure long term results for any Rat Control Wynberg Cape town situation. The recommendations could be structural, basic proofing or even housekeeping tips and tricky. Here at JT Solution Pest Control we have quite a few tricks up our sleeves.

Some information on the different species of rats needing Rat Control Cape Town.

Black Rat Control Cape Town

Black Rat –  (Rattus rattus)


  • The Black Rat (Rattus rattus) commonly referred to as Ship Rats or roof Rats. These are more common in roofs or basement. They are longer and sleeker than its brown counterpart. They are agile climbers and are partly responsible for the Black Plague. Fleas that fed on some of these rats then fed on humans spreading the deadly disease Bubonic plague or Black Death responsible for killing as many as 40 million people in the 14th Century.
  • Black rat adults range between about 12cm to 18 cm long not including their tail of about 15cm -20cm. They are normally black to light brown in color with a longer pointy nose compared to a Brown Rat.

Brown Rat Control Lansdowne Cape Town

The Brown Rat (Rattus norvegicus)

  • The Brown Rat (Rattus norvegicus) commonly known as Sewer Rats or Norway Rats. These are more common in sewers and in gardens. Brown Rats create burrows in dense foliage, underneath decks and in basements where water and food are readily available. These creatures spread salmonella and E coli from their home to yours through urine and feces.
  • The adult Brown Rat gets approx 25cm in length with a tail of about a similar length. They are brown – grey in color and have a heavier stockier body than a Black Rat making them less agile climbers.

Diseases commonly carried by Rats is Cape Town

As mentioned above, Rats here in Cape Town are vectors for disease. They spread germs and bacteria as far as they go. They urinate and defecate on food as well as work surfaces. Rats and their disease spreading habits should be put to an end. Call the Rat Control Johannesburg for a free survey and quotation.

Here are a few of the more common diseases transmitted by Rats:

Leptospirosis – This is the most common of all thee diseases. Leptospirosis is spread by the ingestion or contact with Rodent urine of fecal matter. This could be anything from Eating from a plate that’s been urinated on in your cupboard by a Rat or even eating food that has been nibbled on or walked over by a Rat. Leptospirosis can even be transmitted to animals and humans. The bacteria is so dangerous and fast spreading it can even be inhaled, disturbed dust from Rodent droppings can be inhales and cause Leptospirosis. Although Leptospirosis can be treated, a secondary treatment can cause organ failure and be fatal. This infection is called Weil’s disease. Cape Town is no stranger to Weil’s disease.

Salmonella – Salmonella or as its often called, Food Poisoning is also spread in the same way as Weil’s disease. Although not as dangerous, Salmonella can also be fatal to immune compromised, the elderly and children. Salmonella or food poisoning often occurs when food has been contaminated with the bacteria. Salmonella grows on old food and can easily be spread by Rats and even Cockroaches.

Rat Control Cape town deal with any and all Rodent species

Rats can not only pose a problem by damaging your prized belongings but can cause illness and disease. The need for a professional Rat Control Observatory method is more important now than ever before. If your reside in Cape Town or surrounding areas do not hesitate to call the JT Solution Pest Control Professionals.

Our friendly staff are always willing to help with any level of Rat Control Cape Town or Pest Extermination. With a wealth of industry knowledge and experience we are the Expert Pest Control Company! Free quotations that are obligation free for any Rodent, Insect or Termite Infestation

Mouse Control Cape Town

Mice are small little Rodents that can potentially cause loads of damage if left to their own devices. Too often mice go unnoticed. They might be living behind your fridge nibbling on your pets left over food. Occasionally they crawl down holes in your ceiling made for electrical of signal cable conduits, Mouse Control Vredehoek is needed to curb the infestation.

Mice may be small but pack a big punch like their Rat cousins. They are rodents much like some moles, rabbits and rats and have the need to gnaw constantly to keep their chisel like incisors ground down. The constant gnawing keeps their ever growing teeth sharp and manageable short.

Mouse Control Cape Town is an essential service and Cape Town Pest Control has the means and knowledge to treat them successfully:

Without Mouse Control Thornton cape town a mouse infestation can cause sleepless nights, loss and damage to clothes, furniture and in worst case scenarios fires in roofs. In extreme out of control mouse infestations, mouse droppings can cause allergic reactions, sinus and lung problems in the long run.

Mice are incontinent meaning they defecate and urinate uncontrollable as they wonder around your work surfaces and food cupboards. This can cause a host of health issues not to mention the smell associated with them. Mouse Control Salt river is essential for good general health and hygiene.

JT Solution Pest Control staff are trained and qualified to deal with any level of Mouse Control Milnerton fast and effectively with minimal inconveniences to our clients. Trained Pest Control technicians identify the rat, mouse or rodent species. Identify the causes and possible environmental factors making them thrive. Identify ingress points and suggest quick fixes for long term Mouse Control Sea point.

JT Solution Pest Control and mice found locally.

House Mouse (Mus musculus)

  • Common mouse or House mouse (Mus musculus) these mice frequent kitchens and often live on pet food and left overs from last nights dinner. These mice have adapted to modern living and barely drink any water. All the moisture they need is consumed by the food they choose. Oils and fats from proteins usually provide enough moisture for them. As they need less water that their cousins this has enabled them to live in high rise office blocks in metropolitan cities. Mice in this circumstance feed mostly off sweets, chocolates and breakfast cereals in staff drawers.
  • House Mice adults are about 7-10cm long with a tail length of about 5-10cm. The color varied from climate to location with some a light grey and others being dark brown nearly black. They have little to no hair on their ears and tail. Mice have very poor eyesight and sense potential threats using smell, vibrations and lights and shadows.

a House mouse may cute and fluffy but the need for extermination out weights their outer appearance. If you suspect you have mice in or around your Cape Town house please do not hesitate to call the JT Solution Pest Control experts for a no obligation quotation on Mouse Control Cape Town.

Our staff are friendly and full of knowledge, hints and Pest Prevention tips including mouse control Cape Town by the industry Professionals.

Termite Control cape Town

Damage by Termites as witnessed by out Termite Control Gugulethu Experts.

Termite Control Sea Point is a specialist field of expertise JT Solution Pest Control are proud to provide to our customers. Termites, depending of species have the ability to cause extensive damage to furniture, tools and in many instances structural timber. Termites may cause such extensive damage to structural timber in your roof or floor space they could render your home uninhabitable.

Jt Solution Pest Control has the answer to all your Termite Control De Waterkant needs. Our specialist team of technicians based right here in Cape Town can identify the species of termites, track their potential movements and determine their nest site. Our Expert Termite Exterminators will do all the above and furthermore treat any level of infestation no matter the size.

Termite Control Cape town is necessary for Subterranean Termites throughout greater Cape Town.

Subterranean Termites are the main culprits when it comes to severe structural damage to timber. These organisms actually pack mud around the object they harvest. In many instances an unsuspecting person would say, pick up a spade with a wooden handle just to find the wood has been destroyed by the termites.

The Termite Control Gardens Cape Twon team deal with the following species of subterranean termites of a regular basis. This list may not be full but covers the basis and common Termite species that infest homes throughout Cape town.

Neotermes – Damp Wood Termite Control belhar

Neotermes – The Damp wood Termite is commonly found in homes throughout Johannesburg.

  • Neotermes is a Damp-wood termite, much similar to the Cryptotermes. Unlike many other termites these do not need to make nests in soil and lack any complex nesting system. These termites can survive dry conditions and absorb moisture from the wood they consume and live in. Unlike other termites with a Castle Structure, these Termites have no true workers and their social structure is fairly flexible.

Coptotermes – Subterranean Termite Control Cape Town

Coptotermes known as Super Termites are the most common Termites here in Johannesburg. One colony can have several million individuals. Soil Poisoning is your only option.

  • Formosan Subterranean Termite (Family: Coptotermes) – These are often called Super Termites. These are the most invasive termite species that are spread world wide. These are possibly the most fast destroying termite on this list. Their colonies usually contain several million individuals that can completely destroy a structure within only a few months. A developed colony can consume up to a half a kilogram of wood per day. Once a colony is fully developed 100% Termite Control is very rare and extremely specialist.

Cryptotermes – Indian Dry Wood Termite Control Cape Town

Cryptotermes – The Indian Dry Wood Termite are also a common pest world wide. They destroy Roof timber as well as structural timber. They are very hardy and can thrive in many extreme conditions.

  • West Indian Dry-wood Termite (Family: Cryptotermes) These termites can live exclusively within wooden furniture and other structures. They build their colonial nests within timber containing chambers for raring young. These termite are very slow moving as they have shorter limbs like their underground-dwelling counter parts. Apart from the termites that play a role in reproduction all other classes are blind..

There are a number of ways in which one can prevent a Termite infestation in Salt River below are a few of the more recognized and practiced method carried out by our Termite Control Ottery field experts.

Termite Treatment methods here in Cape Town

Soil Poisoning and Pre-Construction treatments by Termite Control Grass Park

Soil Poisoning is a necessary evil here in Cape Town. Its a process by which our teams dig trenches and drill holes. We inject a specialist chemical that saturates the surface soil. The chemical particles cling to the soil and sand preventing any ground dwelling Insects including Termites and Ants from setting up shop underneath the your homes foundation.

Drill and Inject timber treatments by Termite Control Cape Town

A similar principal as the above treatment. A drill and Inject timber treatment is where our experts drill two thirds of the depth of a piece of timber, 15cm – 20cm apart and inject an Insecticidal Wood Treatment. The chemical saturates solid wood, the carrier dissipates leaving behind a residual that will kill Termites and other Wood destroying organisms on contact.

Residual spray treatments by our Termite Control Mitchell’s Plain Experts

This is generally a simple and straightforward treatment. A residual Spray Treatment is where our trained field staff apply a highly synthesized residual termitacide for untreated exposed timber. The nature of the chemical allows it to penetrate deeply thus leaving a Termite deadly treatment behind.

Termite Control in Cape town requires a specialist and its best to contact a reputable exterminator, this saves you money and guarantees results.

At JT Solutions we understand the urgency of successful Termite Control Cape Town. With the structural timber damage, potential damage from falling trees and visual damage its essential its done right the first time.

Our staff are specialized in all species of termites and treats each colony / situation individually. If you suspect any Termite damage in or around your Cape Town home please do not hesitate to give us a call. Free no obligation quotations for any Pest related issue be it Pest Control, Bird Proofing or even entomological inspections.

Spider Control in Cape Town

Spider control in Cape town may seem an impossible task to to the untrained lay man. Ever noticed the cobwebs hidden in your corners of your bathroom. What about those tiny web tunnels under window sills or eves of your home. Chances are you have spiders in or around your home. Where there are webs, there are spiders. JT Solution Pest Control has a tailored Spider Control Cape town treatment to suit your every needs.

Spiders are Arachnids and are predatory insects. They are very beneficial to humans as they eat their weight of pest Insects on a regular basis. Some spiders are poisonous and some aren’t. Many Spider bites are misdiagnosed by doctors and parents alike. Many bites or stings from other insects such as Fleas, Mosquitoes or Scorpions could have a similar affect on a human body. The enzymes secreted by many ectoparasites may cause infection and severe swelling. Some bites may get infected after irritation and Spiders seem to get the blame far to often

JT Solution Pest Control has a tailored Spider Control treatment that will leave the inside and outside of your home protected against creepy crawlies. Advanced residual insecticide applied by professional Pest Controllers in key areas ensured your home or workplace remains spider free.

Common Spiders in Cape town

Daddy Long Legs Spider Control Cape town

Daddy Long Leg Spider – Family: Pholcidae

The Daddy Long Leg Spider belongs to the family Pholcidae, commonly referred to the Cellar Spider or Granddaddy Long Legs Spider. The Daddy Long Leg Spider is undoubtedly the most common house hold Spider in Athlone cape town. Although harmless, these Spiders still strike fear in the life’s of many.

Daddy Long Leg Spider are brown – grey in color. 3mm -10mm in length with legs up to 50mm. These fragile spiders feed mainly off small flies and spiders that get trapped in their web. Unlike most other webs, their web shape is irregular and non-adhesive. The Daddy Long Legs spider has to gyrate the web rapidly and entangle its prey. These spiders are harmless to humans. Spider Control Hout Bay Cape Town in mainly administered as they pose a nuisance to people with phobias as well as those who like to keep their homes free of dusty cob webs.

Common House Spider Control Cape town

Common House Spider – Parasteatoda tepidariorum

Common House Spider (Parasteatoda tepidariorum), these spiders are usually dull brown in color and are referred to as button Spiders. They feed of mainly household Pest Insects such as Flies, Wasps and other spiders.

Their average size in 25mm, this includes their leg span. Their patterns consist of dull grey brown sporadic markings often looking spotted. These spiders will bite humans if in self defense and have a less potent venom than other related spiders such as the False Widow Spider.

The application of a Spider Control Woodestock treatment prevents these spiders from getting into bedding and cupboards. Our residual Insecticides are potent to spiders, they are odorless and long lasting.

Black Widow Spider Control Cape Town

Black Widow Spider – Family: Latrodectus

The Black Widow Spider is a member of the family Latrodectus, there are 31 described species of Widow Spiders. Their coloration ranges from red to black with an hourglass shape marking on its abdomen.

These Spiders are infamous for their Nero-toxic bite that causes severe necrosis of skin and tissue. Amputation and skin graft is commonly the only way to stop the wound from spreading. The Black Widow Spider is a shy species that usually hides under potted plants. They make webs under window sills and under the eves of roofs.

Much like other Spiders, the Black widow spider feeds exclusively off Crawling Insects smaller than them selves. Centipedes and Gnats are choice prey for these smaller spiders.

Spiders are mostly misunderstood, they just mind their own business going about catching bugs and eating their insides. Venomous Spiders in Cape town such as the Black Widow usually bite humans if they feel threatened. This usually happens while picking an item up and accidentally pressing on the Spider. Common bites in Beds also occur when Spiders venture under your covers for heat and the perfect nesting place.

Spider Control Cape town may save you on medical bills from insect bites.

Although not all spiders are known to bite humans and many Spider bites have no medical important to humans. JT Solution Pest Control has the answer to all you Spider Control Cape town needs within the greater Camps Bay and Cape Town area.

If you suspect you have Insects in your home, feel free to call the JT Solution Pest Control experts on Spider Control cape Town. Free no obligation quotations are only 1 phone call away.

Bed Bug Control Cape Town

A Bed Bug Infestation may not be on top of the list of things you want for Christmas. Fortunately for you JT Solution Pest Control has a specialist team to sort you Bed Bug infestation out with no mess and no fuss. The Bed Bug Control Brackenfell team of experts are geared for even the most harshest Bed Bug elimination project.

Latest bug solution is applied to homes and workplaces for extreme Bed Bug Infestations. By using our vast knowledge of Pests in Cape town, cutting edge chemicals and application equipment, we eliminate any problem big or small. Bed Bugs are nasty parasitic Insects. They are mostly nocturnal and feed exclusively off the blood of their host and its for this reason a stop must be put to the spread of their species.

How to treat bed bugs efficiently

Unlike our competitors in the field, Bed Bug Control in Kensington don’t treat a problem. We treat the cause and put a stop to an infestation once and for all. By understanding what makes a Bed Bug Infestation in Cape Town tick, we can remove the cause and apply measure to prevent a reoccurring problem.

Bed Bugs are nasty little creatures, with Bed Bug Control in Parow on your side no Biting Insects stand a chance. We use our extensive knowledge on pests to make sure we apply the safest most effective treatment on the market. Cutting edge chemical barriers applied with high tech application equipment by professionals make for guaranteed results.

When it comes to our team of Bed Bug Control Durbanville Experts, we have trained them in the ways of integrated pest management. This means with every treatment carried out a full inspection of your site is done. This determined the type of infestation, the level of your infestation. The possible cause and sustenance as well as the best steps to take for long term management. This is why we say: “Bed Bug Control in Woodstock don’t treat a problem, we treat the cause.”

Bed Bug – Cimex lectularius

Cape town and surrounding towns and cities are as diverse as one can get. Over population and poor hygiene sets the stage for any Insect Infestation to take over. The excessive heat and humidity allows a problem to spread like a wild fire. Its with this that our Bug bed bite Control Cape Town team of experts have evolved to ensure we stay on top of our game.

Fortunately, Bed Bugs in Tableview are few and far between. They are however still a problem for public transport, Hotels and B&B’s. Bed Bug Control in Cape town have put the following together so that our clients have a better understanding as to what make Bed Bugs in Parklands tick.

  • Bed Bugs love to travel. The most common way to contract a Bed Bug Infestation is most probable from either public transport of short term rental accommodation. Buses and taxi’s along with Hotels and Motels are among the most common areas of interest when wondering how you came about your Bed Bug problem.
  • Bed Bugs like to have more than 1 meal a day. Bed Bugs or bug bet bite in Green Point usually lite as they walk, they almost always bite more than once. These doctors of anesthesia bite undetected by injecting a local anesthetic making bites painless and undetected.
  • Bed Bugs are much like Cockroaches, they are nocturnal and don’t care where they live. Bed Bugs aren’t fussed by good or bad hygiene. As long as there is dark corner close to a meal every so often, they can get out of hand very quickly Bed bug bite Control in Cape Town.
  • Bed Bugs are a reddish brown in color and the shape of a flat tear drop. They elongate and change shape slightly after a successful blood feed. Adults range in size between 4mm – 5mm.

Bed Bug Control in Cape Town

Bed Bug infestations are all over Johannesburg and surrounding areas. They spread quickly and go undetected for quite a while until the obvious bites and blood staining can no longer go unnoticed. Bed Bug Control Cape Town are here on call for any and all Insect and Rodent Infestations.

If your reside in Cape town and are struggling with a Bed Bug Infestation, please give our Bed Bug Control Cape Town team of exterminations a call. With expert knowledge and experience they are geared for any level of Infestation. We provide free and no obligation quotations in Maitland and surrounding areas in Cape Town.

Fish Moth Control in Cape Town

Our fish moth control in Plumstead is another specialized service designed by JT Solution Pest Control. This tailored service is designed for the complete elimination of Crawling Insects and Fish Moths. Fish Moths chew tiny holes in clothes, books and other run of the mill house hold items. Its up to each and every on of us to ensure our house is protected and not have a Fish Moth Infestation spread to our neighbors.

Fish Moth Control Cape Town is a professional extermination service tailored and designed for the safe and effective Extermination of Fish Moths, Silverfish and other casual intruding Insects. A combination of Residual Insecticides are applied in key areas that Fish Moths are known to frequent. By using current advances in Chemical technology and only the best application equipment, Fish Moth Control Steenberg  is safer and more effective than ever before.

Fish Moth – Lepisma saccharina

  • Fish Moths, otherwise known as a Silverfish (Lepisma saccharina) are small wingless night dwelling insects
  • Fish Moths in Retreat are fast moving and have a grey/silver iridescent color to them. They are shaped like a teardrop and move similarly to a fish out of water, hence the name.
  • Silverfish are usually 13mm – 25mm in length and feed off starches, carbohydrates and sugars often found in clothing, book bindings and stored dry products.
  • Fish Moths are a cosmopolitan species found throughout the world. In large uncontrolled numbers they have the ability to cause extensive damage in warehouses and clothing warehouses. Fish Moth Control Claremont is a necessity if you a home or business with stored linens or food.

Fish Moth control services can be obtained given the right conditions. The Expert Pest Controllers here at JT Solution Pest Control are trained to determine the origin of the Fish Moths. Rather than just treat any given infestation. We have trained our staff in the art of Integrated Pest Management.

This means that before any service is provided, our staff do a full site survey. This helps us gauge the type and level of infestation. The reason or cause of the infestation as well as the best suited and safest control method to use. Cape town is home to a variety of people from different fields of life. This makes no two Fish Moth Control Cape Town treatments the same. The information gathered gives us in depth information that helps with complete elimination. Long term guaranteed results are a product of ongoing entomological studies and the advancement of Insecticides.

Much like Ants and Cockroaches, Fish Moths have a tailored treatment. Our Fish Moth Control Bellville servicemen utilize a longer lasting more synthesized pyrethrin insecticide. This ensures that they are easily picked up and absorbed into the insects cutin. If we combine this with our experience in the field, knowing where Fish Moths frequent. We can keep Fish Moths away for longer, treatments are guaranteed and above all safe and odorless.

Professional Fish Moth Control in Cape town.

If you reside in or around Cape Town and suspect you have Flying Insects such as Mosquitoes or Flies, even Crawling insects such as Ants of Cockroaches. Call you local expert Exterminators today. JT Solution Pest Control have a wealth or Pest related knowledge and are willing to share it with you.

Call us right away for free no obligation quotations and helpful hints and tips for long term Fish Moth Control Cape Town. JT Solution Pest Control provide Strand and surrounding areas of Cape Town with a safer more effective Pest Management solution that’s suitable for any situation.

Ant Control in Cape Town

Ant Control in Cape town is not just for those with thousands of Ants throughout their home, their roof or ceiling. Ants In your Wi-Fi router or microwave? JT Solution Pest Control have got your solution. Weather you need a preventative treatment, a control treatment for an already established Ant Infestation or even just a protective barrier treatment for Crawling Insects.

Ant Control Woodstock is the management of Crawling Insects including Ants. This could involve anything from a pre-construction soil poisoning to basic residual insecticide application. Our Ant team are geared for any level of infestation regardless of weather your in a commercial, industrial or residential setting.

Ant Control Cape Town remove Ants and their nests no matter the situation

Ant Control Retreat remove Ants and their nests no matter the situation. Our specialists determine the level and species of infestation by carrying out a full site inspection. This information provides us with a unique upper hand. This upper hand provides our clients with a guarantee for long term results. A safer and more effective Ant Control treatment with a longer guarantee makes JT Solution Pest Control a cut above the rest.

A further recipe for our Ant Exterminations success here in Cape Town is our method of treatment. All out treatments are tailored to your unique situation. This means that we use the information gathered in our site survey to determine the methods of treatment that will best suite your Ant species. Treatments may include Gel, Baits, Traps, Baited sprays as well as Residual Insecticidal Sprays. Regardless of the method, only the safest most effective and tested treatments are used. This insures the safety of you, your loved ones and most of all Cape town and its uniquely balanced environment.

Ants Control in Cape Town

Although there are about 550 known species of Ants inRosebank, only a handful are of important to us as Exterminators. Ant Control Bergviet team believe the following Ants to be a nuisance to us here in Johannesburg and surrounding areas.

Black Garden Ant Control in Cape Town

Black Garden Ant – Lasius niger

Black Garden Ants are undoubtedly the most common Ant species here in Cape town. Also known as the Back Ant (Lasius niger) or the Formicine Ant. Its these critters that are responsible for those mounds in your drive ways or garden. Black Ants often also push u dirt from beneath skirting boards giving the appearance of a Termite Infestation to the untrained eye.

Black Ant Colonies here in Mowbray have been known to reach 40 000 workers strong. Black Ants are a very cosmopolitan species and are found to be a pest world wide. Male worker Black Ants range in size between 3.5mm to 5mm, their size varies depending on the age of the colony. They are a glossy black in color and known to be larger. Black Ants

Argentine Ant Control in Cape Town

Argentine Ant – Linepithema humile

Argentine Ants are also very popular in homes and workplaces all around the Cape town area. These smaller Ants are usually found in massive numbers crawling up the outside walls. The Argentine Ant usually loves to nest in cavity walls as well as in the cracks of foundations. Argentine Ants are especially a nuisance due to their sure numbers they can escalate to.

Argentine Ants in Rondebosch are actually native to South America. They are an invasive species throughout the world with larger colonies found in countries with largely Mediterranean climates. Argentine Ant (Linepithema humile) workers range in size between 1.6mm – 2.8mm in length. They are dark Red – Brown in color with no apparent markings.

Ant Control in Cape Town is important to reduce the contamination of food or damage to property here in Cape Town

Although Ants rarely directly damage structures. Tunnels excavated by Ants may often cause paving to cave in. Dirt pushed up by Ants can also retain water that can damage timber or stain surfaces. Ants often forage for food in your cat or dogs bowl often leaving a formic acid residue behind. This causes your pets to pull their noses up for their food.

Ants in Cape Town are here to stay, its up to each and every one of us to ensure our homes and workplaces are Ant free. Our ant control specialists in Bishopscourt provide a perfect solution for Ants here in Heathfield. Years of field experience, a tailored approach and a passion for what we do make JT Solution Pest Control a cut above the rest.

If you live in Cape Town or surrounding areas, please feel free to contact Ant Control Cape Town. Our quotations are free and no obligation. We are happy to help with any Pest related hints and tips. Call right away and have a trained member of our team on your doorstep in no time.


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