Pest Control Kempton Park

Pest Control Kempton Park

Pest Control Kempton Park is an important service for businesses and households alike. This professional service can stop the spread of diseases, pathogens, and damage caused by Pest insects and Rodents alike. Pest Control in Kempton Park is our name and supplying a safer and environment-friendly Pest Management service is our game.

Brown Rats chew through the electrical wiring in your roof while Cockroaches spread salmonella and E-Coli through your food cupboards. This can be stopped! Pest Control Boksburg is a group of exterminators local to Kempton Park with tailored solutions to pretty much any pest-related problem you may be facing. Pest Control in Kempton Park provides a bespoke service used for the complete elimination or management of Insects, Termites, and even Rodents. By applying a species-specific control method rather than broad-spectrum sprays we can target your problem where it hurts most. This without worrying about non-target exposure, harming your loved ones and any negative impact pesticides may have on the environment.

An Eco-friendly Pest Control service in Kempton Park and surrounding areas.

 Safer and odorless pesticides mean fewer exclusion hours.

Unlike many of our other competitors, Pest Control End provide a truly Eco-friendly pest management solution. Rather than just treating a problem. Wee look at the source and look at factors that influence your infestation. We then remove the source and lay down species-specific control methods. This provides unequaled results with a lasting guarantee.

In the instance of Rodents Pest Control in Kempton Park we will take the following factors in account:

  • Ingress points are important in preventing access to high-risk areas such as food storage cupboards or linen cupboards. By fitting brush strips or kickboards and other small proofing practices we can help prevent access to sensitive areas.
  • Harbourage and hiding spots also play an important role in providing a safe and uninterrupted home for all manner of unwanted Rats and Mice. A potential remedy for this could be as simple as tidying a storeroom or trimming a bush or hedge.
  • Food and Water are the heart and soul for any infestation. If we can determine where the Rodents get their sustenance from, we can limit or remove it completely. This makes living conditions in the areas less favorable often causing your pest to leave and migrate to areas that are more suitable. The worst-case scenario will be Rats and Mice populations will be hated due to the lack of food and water in the area.
  • Low risk and Eco-Friendly treatment is then applied. This can consist of targeted baits, traps, and other means registered for the use of Rodent Control here in Kempton Park.

A similar approach is adopted for Insect Pest Control here in Boksburg:

Insect Pest Control Kempton Park can be slightly more challenging. Targeted treatments are used as opposed to smelly and dangerous sprays. Before any treatment is applied here in Kempton Park, a full site survey is conducted. This will determine the key factors that dictate the treatment method used for the effective control of Insects such as Ants, Termites and even kill Cockroaches here in Kempton Park.

  • Hygiene and housekeeping practices are inspected. This could be anything from checking your bin are fitted with lids to refuse removal and management for food safety and storage. The standard of your living or working conditions play a huge role in the success and treatment method of any Pest Management program here in Kempton Park.
  • Proofing and maintenance issues provide food and harbourage for unwanted insects such as Roaches and Ants. Making sure your equipment or white goods are clean and tidy can help prevent an infestation in the first place. Cracked tiles and unused or broken equipment can provide unnecessary clutter and harbourage making treatments tougher and less effective.

In any situation, its always recommended taking a holistic approach to Pest Control Kempton Park. Without this mindset, harmful and less favorable techniques will have to be used. These could harm the environment and prove less effective than a targeted approach.

How much does it cost for Pest Control Kempton Park?

This may seem like a simple question right? Wrong, the answer can be a rather complex one. The price for Pest Control in Kempton Park largely depends on the species of pest that needs dealing with. The extent of the infestation and the size of the property in question.

Generally speaking a Pest Control in Boksburg call out starts at R350. 00. This is for basic inspection and proposal of a solution. Most quotations are however free of charge and can be given over the phone.

The Cost of Pest Control in a domestic environment starts at R650 for a smaller apartment with an Ant problem, with prices escalating. The price of contract Pest Management in a restaurant of take away establishment starts at R765. 00pm with prices largely depending of hygiene and prevailing infestation. Fumigation’s for Termites are charged per Square meter while wood Borer Beetle is charged per Cubic meter.

For full comprehensive pricing and guarantee sheet its best to give us a call 0106150866. Alternatively, you can use the form and we will give you a call as soon as a salesperson becomes available.

24 Hour Emergency Pest Control service in Kempton Park

Here at Pest Control Kempton Park, we have a wide array of services to choose from. We understand the 8 am – 5 pm hustle and have created a service around that. We are proud to be true to words.

Although our office hours are 8 am -5 pm, we have staff ready and willing to answer calls and take bookings 24 hours a day. Whether you have a question related to a pest you have found or need an emergency call out. Feel free to give us a call. You can rest assured a seasoned professional will be patient and supportive of your fear or problem while providing you with a solution.

Why use Pest Control Kempton Park?

The word Pest Control doesn’t do our industry any justice. Pests such as Fleas and Flies are here to stay. All we can do as professionals are to study their nature and biology. This enables us to create solutions rather than short term fixes. Pest Control should be referred to as Pest and Vector management. As a management program is all we can do prevent an all-out epidemic here in Kempton Park.

Here are some of the reasons, services, and treatments handled by Pest Control Kempton Park:

  • We stop the spread of potentially deadly diseases: Rats carry diseases while Roaches carry e-coli. By effectively managing a Pest Infestation you can prevent lawsuits in your restaurant or at least prevent your loved ones from falling ill.
  • Pest Control Kempton Park can protect your investments: Rodents such as Rats do not only spread disease they cause extensive damage to stored goods and even cause fires. Roof Rats constantly gnaw at electrical cables in your ceiling or vehicle. This can be dangerous and even be a fire hazard.
  • Keep your pets happy and healthy: Your extended furry family may be under an awful amount of stress given a Flea or Tick infestation. Biting insects can affect people from different fields of life. Preventative treatment can protect your pets and keep unwanted creepy crawlies away throughout the peak months.
  • Provide a safe playing environment for your children: There are all sorts of creepy crawlies in your garden. Wasps prowl grass looking for food while Centipedes live in piles of wood and wait for nightfall to hunt. Spiders are things of nightmares and fear while Scorpions are just there to eat a Millipede or 3 while none watches. Having a preventative Pest Control treatment applied to your home can prevent these unwanted bugs from entering your home and even make your garden safer.

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