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How to control Termite in Randburg? Are you worried for termites and looking for a permanent solution of Termite in your premises. Termite can be be very deadly for your wooden furniture and its damage is irreparable if not treated on time with right instructions. So we would like to share some details to make your termite infestation go away. Termite control is essential to protect your home from the damage termites can cause. Here are steps you can take for effective termite control: Identify the Type of Termites: Different types of termites may require different treatment methods. Identify whether you have subterranean, drywood, or dampwood termites to determine the best course of action. Inspect Your Property: Regularly inspect your home for signs of termite infestations, such as mud tubes, termite wings, damaged wood, or hollow-sounding wood. Eliminate Moisture Sources: Termites are attracted to moisture. Fix any leaky pipes, drains,…

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